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May 29, 2017

U.K.’s prepares to leave European Union

Complex talks to prepare the U.K.’s departure from the European Union could begin this week with lawmakers expected to finish debating a bill that would give Prime Minister Theresa May permission to formally start the Brexit process. The government has previously stated that May would trigger Article 50 by the end of the month, but

Oddball News

Daddy/Daughter Dance just memories at California school

It’s a tradition Patrick Kuske remembers being a part of.

“I’ve had girls I’ve taken to the Father-Daughter Dance, and I enjoyed it very much,” he said.

It’s wasn’t until recently the PTA president heard concerns the Crocker/Riverside Elementary School’s Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Hike aren’t traditions everyone cherishes.

“We got a request from a couple parents to…..


Turkish cabinet to consider imposing sanctions on the Netherlands

The Netherlands this weekend barred Turkey’s top diplomat from entering the country to address a political rally.

That set off ugly diplomatic feuding, name-calling and popular unrest.

The spat erupted as citizens prepare to cast their ballots in votes that could radically alter the political landscape in both countries. What’s going on?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been intent on rallying the roughly 4.6…..


Hear about the World Baseball Classic? Me Neither

The potent U.S. lineup pounded out seven runs in the first two innings and the Americans went on to cruise to a victory that secured their berth in the second round.

A loss would have forced Team USA to play a Monday tiebreaker against Colombia, but the outcome of this game was not in doubt for long.

The U.S. jumped right away on Canada’s Ryan Dempster, who was starting for the second time in four days after not pitching professionally since 2013. He was shaky against the Dominican Republic on Thursday and eminently hittable Sunday, failing to……


Gordmans declares bankruptcy

Gordmans Stores Inc., the century-old discount department store chain, filed for bankruptcy with plans to liquidate its inventory and assets.

The company, which posted losses in five of the past six quarters, listed total debt of $131 million in Chapter 11 papers filed Monday in Nebraska federal court. Gordmans said in a statement that it has an agreement with Tiger Capital Group and Great American Group “for the sale in liquidation of the inventory and other assets of Gordmans’ retail stores and distribution centers,” subject to court approval or a better offer.

For now, the chain will operate “as usual without interruption,” Chief Executive Officer Andy Hall said in the statement.

Omaha, Nebraska-based Gordmans, which operates over 100 stores in…..


Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection in the U.S.

The United States now has more than 30 people diagnosed with a deadly and drug-resistant fungal infection since health authorities issued warnings about this pathogen in June 2016.

The fungus, a strain of a yeast called Candida auris, has been spreading worldwide, infecting people in dozens of country since its 2009 discovery in a patient with ear infection in Japan. The fungus has since been reported in the United Kingdom, Venezuela, South Korea, Pakistan, Kuwait, Kenya, Colombia, and Israel.

Unlike other forms of yeast infection, this fungal infection poses more serious threats such that it infects the bloodstream and spreads from person to person in healthcare settings.
Other candida infections affect the throat, vagina, and the mouth, but invasive yeast infections are known…..


Lost in Space?

For a space program that’s made impressive strides in recent years, the early death of Chandrayaan-1 likely came as a disappointment. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) expected this lunar orbiter – the country’s first – to last for two years when it launched in 2008. But on Aug. 29, 2009, just 312 days into its mission, contact with the probe was lost.

Even so, scientists could console themselves with the knowledge that they had completed 95 percent of the mission’s primary science goals, according to The Indian Express. And on Thursday, they got a second piece of good news: NASA researchers have found the probe continuing its silent orbit around the moon’s poles.

“Chandrayaan-1 was our first interplanetary mission and I am delighted that…..


Game of Thrones final season…..

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will indeed only be six episodes long, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said Sunday.

“It’s only going to be six episodes for the final season,” Benioff said during a featured speaker panel at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. “From the beginning we’ve wanted to tell a 70-hour movie. It will turn out to be…..


Intel to Acquire Mobileye

In an interesting announcement today, Intel and Mobileye have entered into an agreement whereby Intel will commence a tender offer for all issued and outstanding ordinary shared of Mobileye. At $63.54 per share, this will equate to a value of approximately $15 billion.

Mobileye is currently one of a number of competitors actively pursuing the visual computing space, and the high item on that agenda is automotive. We’ve seen Mobileye announcements over the last few years, with relationships with car manufacturers on the road to fully autonomous vehicles. Intel clearly wants a piece of that action, aside from its own movement into automotive as well as cloud computing required for various automotive tasks.

Intel estimates that vehicle systems, data, and the services market for automotive to have…..


Obamacare replacement could have rough road ahead

House Republicans are taking fire from all sides as they seek to push through their plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare, known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has guaranteed the bill will pass Congress, but it won’t be a smooth ride to President Trump’s desk.

Here are the factors that are likely to determine whether the legislation lives or dies.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is expected this week to release its score of the GOP legislation.

Opponents of the bill on the left are eagerly awaiting the CBO’s analysis, which will estimate how much……


Tool could make livestock decisions more transparent

When folks in Merrick County saw a chicken barn under construction, neighbors spoke up.

“I have environmental concerns, I have health concerns,” a woman told the county board last summer.

Debates over livestock can get personal, and can lead to hard feelings between neighbors.

It got lawmakers thinking. If only there was a way to show…..


Europa Clipper

NASA’s upcoming mission to investigate the habitability of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa now has a formal name: Europa Clipper.

The moniker harkens back to the clipper ships that sailed across the oceans of Earth in the 19th century. Clipper ships were streamlined, three-masted sailing vessels renowned for their grace and swiftness. These ships rapidly shuttled tea and other goods back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean and around the globe.

In the grand tradition of these classic ships, the Europa Clipper spacecraft would sail past Europa at a rapid cadence, as frequently as every two weeks, providing many opportunities to investigate the….


Photos of California after 2017 storm show dramatic impact

Satellite photographs from the NASA Earth Observatory show the striking difference in California’s drought-ravaged landscape after ceaseless storms soaked the state at the start of 2017.

These images taken from space reveal the dramatic changes that have unfolded across the state between 2014, amid the a multi-year drought, and winter 2017, a season marked by record rain- and snowfall.

After several dry years plagued California, a series of back-to-back storms have hammered the state since….

Oddball News

Woman arrested for transporting body 1000 miles

Police in two states say they are trying to figure out why a woman hauled an elderly man’s body in a suitcase more than 1,000 miles from upstate New York to Arkansas and then dumped it in a rice field.

Virginia Colvin, 56, faces a preliminary charge of abuse of a corpse.
Investigators say they are still seeking a motive.

Police say the body found Sunday at a…..


28,000 Jobs Added

The United States added 28,000 jobs in manufacturing in February and 8,000 in government, according to numbers released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So far in 2017 (January and February), the U.S. has…..


Bond Set in Westroads assault case

Bond was set at $250,000 Friday for Bruce Perry, the man accused of sexual assault in connection with an incident earlier this week at Westroads Mall. He was further ordered to have no contact with children should he post bail.

Perry, 50, was booked for 3rd Degree Sexual Assault and Child Abuse by Intent – No Serious Injury, after a……


Clinton campaign rate one of the worst in years

A new study by the Wesleyan Media Project has found that the 2016 presidential campaign run by Hillary Clinton is without a doubt one of the worst-run political operations in years.

Interestingly, the directors of the study dispute the argument that “advertising doesn’t matter” in elections. Clinton’s failure to advertise in certain key states, they argue, was the biggest reason for her defeat by Donald Trump.

The study also backs the view that Clinton’s focus on identity politics and emphasis on condemning her opposition contributed…..


Silicon Valley’s unspoken, dirty little secret

Recent media coverage has begun to highlight the ageism that is prevalent, but largely unacknowledged in Silicon Valley. Yes, Silicon Valley is ageist. But the truth is, we all are. Even you. Even me.

Ageism is one of the last “isms” so embedded into our culture that we rarely recognize it in our daily lives. Every day, we draw conclusions about other generations. Boomer employers want to solve the “Millennial problem.” Millennials want the older folks to get with the new program.

My deep desire is to end this generational standoff. It is not doing us any good. It hurts us personally as we unwittingly limit the things we go after citing our age as a reason.

It hurts us as a society as we limit the…..


Tornadoes to snow

Following tornadoes, strong winds, hail and rain earlier in the week, KMAland is bracing for a blast of winter weather this weekend.

A winter storm is currently making its way to the Midwest after making land fall in the northwestern U.S. Thursday. Becky Kern is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Valley, Nebraska. Kern says the first blast of snow is expected to move into KMAland late Friday evening.

“We have an area of snow that’s going to be quite narrow with the heaviest accumulations most likely west of the Missouri River,” said Kern. “Southwest Iowa will probably see a couple inches by…..


USOC recommends USA Gymnastics president resign

U.S. Olympic Committee leadership has recommended USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny resign amid fallout from the federation’s handling of a string of sex-abuse cases, a person familiar with the communications told The Associated Press.
The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity Thursday because of the sensitivity of the discussion.
The USOC board discussed Penny’s…..


Syrian government wants Turkey to withdraw from Syria

he Syrian government has called on the United Nations to force Turkey to pull “its invasion forces” out of Syria, state media said on Friday.

Turkey’s military shelled Syrian government forces and their allies in northern Syria on Thursday, causing deaths and injuries, state-run SANA news agency reported.

Turkey launched its first major military incursion into…..


Is President Trump racist?

As people seek affirmation of their political beliefs in an increasingly polarized nation with accusations of fake news from both sides, smart device AI (artificial intelligence) is more than happy to comply.

Concise, loaded questions tend to yield loaded results when querying Google Assistant, the voice-activated AI technology that comes with Google Pixel phones and Google Home – the latter a voice-activated speaker.

When I asked Google Assistant, “Is Donald Trump a racist?” – an oft-repeated allegation from some on the left and…..


Evanger’s expands dog foot recall..

An Illinois-based dog food company has expanded its recall due to concerns of possible contamination by a drug that is used for euthanasia. Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company had first issued a recall of its 12-ounce cans of Hunk of Beef Au Jus last month, after five dogs fell ill and one died.

The expanded recall includes 12-ounce cans of Braised Beef Chunks and Against the Grain’s Pulled Beef. The products are sold…..


MGM Moves to Acquire Epix

MGM Holdings Inc is in talks to acquire the 81 percent of Epix it does not already own from two of its partners in the premium U.S. channel, Viacom Inc (VIAB.O) and Lionsgate LGFA.N, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

The deal would give MGM, a privately held U.S. movie studio best known for its classic film library, control of Epix and would……


Job Growth Rises

U.S. job growth increased more than expected in February and wages rose steadily, which could give the Federal Reserve the green light to raise interest rates next week despite slowing economic growth.

Nonfarm payrolls rose by 235,000 jobs last month as the construction sector recorded its largest gain in nearly 10 years due to unseasonably warm weather, the Labor Department said on Friday. The economy created 9,000 more jobs in December and January than previously reported.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen signaled…..


GM Rolls Out Vehicle-to-Vehicle Tech

General Motors Co.’s Cadillac brand says its first CTS sedans equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology are rolling off the assembly line in Lansing, capable of sharing information with other cars to alert drivers of potential hazards in the roadway ahead.

The interim 2017 model-year CTS sedans are the first on the road to offer V2V technology through dedicated short-range communication, GM says. But for now, they can only “talk” to other similarly equipped CTS vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz also offers V2V on its 2017 E-Class in the U.S. But the German automaker’s Car-to-X Communication technology — which provides…..


Science Needs More Women

“I remember walking into one of the classes at Stanford and just deciding not to take the class because I was one of only three women there, and I just felt so intimidated,” recalled Catherina Xu, one of the co-presidents for Women in Computer Science at Stanford University.

Incidents like this are happening all across the country, and partly due to the lack of women in the field, there is now…..


Outbreak in Brazil has U.S. Health Experts Wondering

Yellow fever has broken out in the jungles outside Brazil’s most densely-populated cities, raising a frightening but still remote possibility: an epidemic that could decimate that country’s population and spread throughout the Americas, including the United States.

In an essay rushed into print by the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday, two doctors from the National Institutes of Health warn that cases of yellow fever, which can kill as many as…..

Oddball News

Dead Shark Found in Shopping Cart

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (AP) — Authorities are mystified as to why a 5-foot-long dead shark was left in the parking lot of a northeast Florida Wal-Mart just days before another dead shark was found nearby.

The St. Augustine Record reports (http://bit.ly/2niO3FC ) St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the store parking lot last week after the shark was found in a shopping cart.

Deputies talked to the owner of an RV parked nearby and learned…..


Facebook’s Snapchat like feature

After copying Snapchat in Instagram, WhatsApp, and the main Facebook app, Facebook is turning to Messenger.

On Thursday the company announced Messenger Day, which works like Snapchat Stories by letting you post photos and ….



Jennifer Lopez has struck up a romance with a new man.

The “Feel the Light” singer has been dating former New York Yankees star player Alex Rodriguez for a few weeks, People reports.

While the singer has reportedly met A-Rod’s family…..


Nebraska lawmakers are considering legislation that would exempt gun registrations from public record and add new responsibilities for business owners who want to prohibit firearms in their shops.

The state should add any information gathered for gun registrations to a set of records including medical records and students’ academic records that are not available to the public, Sen. Bruce Bostelman of Brainard told a legislative committee Wednesday. He said….


Twelve combined Fort Calhoun and Arlington basketball players earned Nebraska Capitol Conference all-conference honors this past season.

All five starters from the Pioneers’ girls team were awarded a designation by the conference. Senior Lauren Nelson, junior Rylee Marshall and sophomore Taya Skelton made the team, while seniors Hanna Lazure and Tessa Dethlefs were named…..


Woman Gets 3 Years; Sex With 13 Year Old

A woman who bore a child after having sex with a 13-year-old boy in Dodge County has been sentenced to three years in prison.

The Fremont Tribune reports that 21-year-old Brianne McIntosh was sentenced Wednesday in Dodge County District Court in….


This won’t be your typical spring practice at Nebraska. The Cornhuskers will begin their search for the successor to a four-year starting quarterback and introduce a new defensive alignment under coordinator Bob Diaco and two other new assistants.

“Spring practices, they’re always very important, always very big, always a vital part of the development of a team,” coach Mike Riley said Wednesday. “But this one kind of carries a little bit more juice.”

The Huskers, coming off a 9-4 season , will be transitioning to a pro-style quarterback following the departure of…..


Arlington’s Post Office Reopens

After 5 long months the people of Arlington Nebraska are welcoming back their previously damaged post office.

Last September construction to a neighboring building led to heavy damage being done to the Arlington post office, which meant that the building had to be closed for repairs.

While it was closed Arlington residents had to use the Fremont post office……


Midland Opens Omaha Campus

Midland University officially opened its newest campus today in the heart of Omaha. With more than 10,000 square feet, the new facility in the Old Mill business district will be the home of the university’s expanding slate of graduate and adult learning programs.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the innovative space at 11213 Davenport St. – adjacent to the TD Ameritrade world headquarters – already is welcoming students in Midland’s Master of Business Administration Program. In addition to classrooms, there is collaborative space where students can work, café areas for community events, and office spaces that could serve as startup homes to local small businesses.

“We believe our new Omaha campus will serve as an anchor for the Omaha business community,” Midland President Jody Horner said. “We recognize the increasing demand Omaha employers have for graduate and adult learning opportunities and this beautiful…..


Lincoln Premium Poultry Progress Continues

In the final stages before receiving project approval, Lincoln Premium Poultry continues to make plans for its Costco poultry processing plant south of Fremont, some which could affect Saunders County residents.

The Georgia based company hired to operate the processing plant set to produce rotisserie chickens at Costco locations across the western half of the nation began hosting meetings over the last year since first unveiling the project. Officials met with potential growers, lenders and community influencers across multiple locations.

The result of meetings provided Costco enough evidence that there was a sufficient…..


Scarlett Johansson Files for Divorce

Scarlett Johansson’s husband was “shocked” at the star’s divorce filing Tuesday and sees the move as a “pre-emptive strike” in a battle over custody of the couple’s toddler daughter, his lawyer said.

Johansson filed for divorce from Romain Dauriac in a New York City court Tuesday, saying the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

The move follows a January announcement that the couple split last summer after less than two years of marriage.

Johansson is asking for….


ESPN Layoffs; Trouble For Live Sports?

ESPN is set for significant cost-cutting over the four months, Sports Illustrated reports.

Cuts will be made from among on-air talent, and the company is said to be looking to trim tens of millions of dollars worth of staff salaries from its payroll. This would represent the second round of significant layoffs at ESPN over the past two years, after the company….


Is Your Smart TV Spying On You?

WikiLeaks published thousands of secret CIA files on Tuesday detailing hacking tools the government employs to break into users’ computers, mobile phones and even smart TVs.

Some companies that manufacture smart TVs include Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung.

The documents describe clandestine methods for bypassing or defeating encryption, antivirus tools and other protective security features intended to keep the private information of citizens and corporations safe from prying eyes. U.S. government employees, including President Trump, use many of the same products and internet services purportedly compromised by the tools.

“This is CIA’s Edward Snowden,” former CIA acting director Michael Morrell told CBS News Justice correspondent Jeff Pegues, referring to….


Poachers Kill White Rhino In Zoo

Intruders at a French zoo shot dead a white rhino and hacked off its horns in a grisly overnight poaching incident, police and the zoo said Tuesday.

The zoo in Thoiry outside Paris said it was the first such incident in Europe.

The perpetrators forced the main gate and broke through at least two other security barriers on Monday night, without disturbing five people who live on the grounds.

The animal, a four-year-old southern white male named Vince, was attacked inside an area where at least two other rhinos are kept.

“Staff left the rhino enclosure on Monday. When they returned…..


Former VP Candidate’s Son Arrested

The son of Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, was one of six arrested Saturday protesting a rally in support of President Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, and four others were arrested on suspicion of second-degree riot at the “March 4 Trump” rally in St. Paul. Another person was cited for disorderly conduct, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

Kaine, who lives in Minneapolis, was released from the Ramsey County Jail Tuesday pending a further investigation, authorities said….


Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster wins Priase

Moving quickly to fill a critical White House vacancy, President Trump named Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as national security adviser Monday, one week after ousting Michael Flynn.

Mr. Trump has favored military men for top security and anti-terrorism roles in the administration and turned to a career soldier with a reputation as a cutting-edge strategist for his closest security and foreign policy adviser, the one who controls the flow of information from the national security bureaucracy to Mr. Trump’s desk.

Mr. McMaster, 54, has been serving as director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center and deputy commanding general of futures at the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command.

“He is man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience,” Mr. Trump said when announcing the appointment at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida before returning to Washington. “I’ve watched…..


Ebola Flareup Takes Fifth Life

A fifth person has died of Ebola in southeast Guinea since March 17, a health official told Reuters on Tuesday, raising concerns that a recent flare-up of the deadly virus could spread.

The latest case was detected in Macenta prefecture, about 200 kilometers from the village of Korokpara where the four other recent Ebola-related deaths occurred, said Fode Sylla Tass, spokesman for……

Oddball News

Dodge the Arrow Game Ends in Tragedy

A 15-year-old boy was killed when he was struck in the head while playing a game of “dodging arrows” at a friend’s house, and criminal charges could be possible, authorities said Monday.

Caleb Fairchild, an eighth-grader, was playing the bow-and-arrow game Saturday evening when……


Chop Blocks; Gone, PAT 15 Yard Line

NFL owners approved a series of minor rule changes Tuesday and saved their more difficult decisions for Wednesday, the final day of their annual meetings.

Among the approved rules was the elimination of all chop blocks, an expansion of the horse collar rule to include instances in which defenders grab the nameplate of the jersey and a……


Nothing to fear from the U.S.

HAVANA — President Obama on Tuesday made a full-throated plea for Cuba’s autocratic government to change, calling on President Raúl Castro to loosen his grip on the economy and political expression or risk squandering the fruits of a historic thaw.

Likening the United States and Cuba to long-estranged brothers struggling to break free from a bitter past, Mr. Obama invoked the conflicted history of American……

Top Story

ISIS Attacks Brussles

Cowering under desks and running for their lives, this is the terrifying moment passengers were caught up in an ISIS suicide bomb attack at Brussels Airport today in a series of blasts that have killed at least 34 people and injured 170 across the city.

Witnesses described apocalyptic scenes with blood and ‘dismembered bodies everywhere’ after two blasts rocked the terminal at around 8am (7am GMT), killing at least 14 people and injuring……


Android Security Bug is Back!

For many android user that have older android devices, you are in danger of your device being hacked. The hack could take as little as 20 seconds to affect your device. What you need to know

Oddball News


Tennis star Serena Williams has been spotted getting a cab to the finishing line of her own 5k run, which was raising funds for her charity foundation.

Williams was seen stopping near the 2km mark of the Serena Williams Live Ultimate Run South Beach 2015 event in Miami where she jumped into taxi. The car then sped to the……


Stress increases Alzheimer’s risk in older people, so drink up

High levels of stress in older people contributes to Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study. But don’t let the news stress you out – separate research suggests two to three drinks a day can lower the risk of death from the disease.

A study by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and the Montefiore Health System followed 507 people enrolled in the Einstein Aging Study, a group of adults aged 70 or older who live


Mars Curiosity Rover Reaches Martian Sand Dunes

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has finally reached some interesting sand dunes on the Red Planet. It has now begun an up-close investigation of the sand dunes, which reach up to two stories tall.

Since August 2012, the rover has been working on Mars, trekking across the Red Planet and sending data back to scientists on Earth. It reached the base of……


Jordan Spieth does ‘Happy Gilmore’ drive

Jordan Spieth isn’t done playing golf for the year. Not yet. Spieth played Augusta with his dad and agent this past week and over the weekend participated in the 70th Grapefruit Pro-Am in Florida with his buddy (singer) Jake Owen.

Spieth wooed the crowds with birdie after birdie and even gave them a Happy Gilmore special to start the day. He sprayed it into……


Twitter warns users of ‘state sponsored’ hack

Twitter has warned an undetermined number of users that their accounts may have been “targeted by state-sponsored actors,” according to news reports and some users who received the notifications.

According to an email sent by the company and posted by a nonprofit group in Canada called……


Saudi King showered President Obama with over $1million in gifts

….throughout 2014, Saudi King Abdullah and top kingdom officials spent a fortune on gifts for Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters — roughly $1.35 million on the list.

The accounting was made public the day before Thanksgiving, with Americans poised to dive into the gift-buying season.


Feds reluctant to call Chattanooga shooting an Act of Terror

It took about two days for the FBI to announce it was investigating the Dec. 2 attack that killed 14 in San Bernardino, California, as an act of terror.

Nearly five months after the killing of five military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, authorities have carefully avoided using the same wording about the attack by a……